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Who We Are

At IA Financial Advisors, I use my 30 years experience as a reliable advisor to work with you to identify and pursue your financial goals for successful retirement.  Working together, I can help you build your retirement portfolio and manage your assets prudently in retirement.

While  I am focused on your asset growth during your working years, I also realize that it is equally important to carefully manage your assets during the distribution phase, that is when you are retired.  Using various tools that are available, I work to ensure that the investment principle you worked so hard to accumulate is well protected.

I offer broad range of financial products and services, and am thoroughly committed to providing you outstanding customer service and personalized attention. I will meet with you here in my office and I will come visit you in your retirement home from New York to Florida or anywhere inbetween.  I want to help you answer the question, "Will my money last through my retirement?"


I offer a variety of products to be incorporated in your financial plan, based on your individual needs and objectives as determined during our review process.   |  774-345-4044