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The biggest benefit of being an independent firm like IA Financial Advisors is that we do not have a one
size fits all approach. Our product offerings are numerous and our ability to use our experience, creativity and
networks to create strategies that benefit you are limitless. Look below to see some of the financial
tools we use.

Financial Planning

Our mission is to make sure that you have an individualized plan that is tailored to your needs and goals.
In being data driven and results focused, we run 10s of scenarios to optimize your plan from a
distribution and tax efficiency perspective. We then work with our network of professionals to
incorporate any additional insights that may be needed in the creation of your plan. Whether its talking
with a home loan specialist to plan for your home expansion, meeting with an estate planning attorney
to see if a trust makes sense, or consulting with a tax specialist to make sure your distributions in
retirement are tax efficient, we will always go the extra mile to ensure our plans actionable and able to
be implemented.

When you become a financial planning client of IA Financial Advisors you will be given access to our
team with over 45+ years of experience, our advanced financial planning software, a secure client portal,
quarterly meetings, and all the institutional resources of our broker dealer, Cetera Advisors, and
vendors. Check out our whole process here.

Asset Management

Using our separately managed accounts (SMA), mutual funds, and exchange traded funds (ETF) we can
create investment portfolios that are able to pursue anyone’s investment objective. We specialize in our use
of separately managed accounts because it enables us to provide active institutional management to
our clients. Separately managed accounts allow us to monitor your portfolio more closely and be
flexible when need be. In addition to separately managed accounts, we use traditional portfolio models
composed of mutual funds and exchange traded funds tailored to your risk tolerance, time horizon, and
investment objectives.

SMA Providers
• Howard Capital Management
• Vanguard

Qualified Retirement Plans

Our biggest goal outside of helping our clients is helping our community. One way we do this is by
helping small and medium sized businesses offer customized retirement plans so both employees and
employers can better prepare for the future. Having small businesses and employees plan for retirement
allows for more prosperous communities. With recent changes in the SECURE Act breaking down
barriers of entry for small and medium businesses, establishing 401 (k) plans has never been more
affordable or simple. Working with a team of professionals at our broker dealer, Cetera Advisors,
specialized in qualified retirement plans, we bring the same data driven and results focused process
used in creating your personal financial plan to your business’ retirement plan.


When you are looking for a conservative alternative to a typical investment vehicle we offer variable, structured
& fixed index annuities to reduce risks while giving you the ability to participate in market action.


• Allianz
• Equitable
• Jackson
• North American Life and Health